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Supervisor Solis Facebook Live

ITM had the distinct honor to be invited for a live interview between County Supervisor Solis, one of the youth from the Youth at Work Program and ITM as a success story for the Program. We were not given much time to prepare, but we do this everyday, so it was fun to chat on a live platform and let everyone know about us and what we do. We are happy to be an example of the way the program was designed to work. We provide not only the necessary work skills and training in our boutique, but our inclusive environment allows for a more in-depth and meaningful experience for the youth that participate in the program. Life skills and the feeling of self worth are just as important as work skills. But as any employer will confirm, they can teach policy and procedure, but you cannot teach how to have heart and courage and compassion. It is within us all, but it takes coaching and an encouraging environment for someone to thrive. What we do results in a direct impact in our community, we believe in what we do, we can be the change.


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