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In the Making is a community resource center. We provide various items – free of charge- such as clothing, toiletries, school supplies and household items to those in our community who could benefit most. We also collaborate with numerous organizations who work directly with those experiencing homelessness as well as various middle schools and high schools in the area,  We serve as a platform for youth to implement their initiatives, whether it be a charitable deed or an entrepreneurial desire to develop an income stream


Entrée-preneurs program

One of our latest youth development programs is the Entrée-preneurs program, where youth get hands-on, practical experience with cooking fresh produce. They also experience the healing benefits of cooking, feeding others, and bonding in a community setting

Youth Employment Sponsorship

Our most recent initiative is the Youth Employment Sponsorship (YES) fund. The YES fund is designated to help youth continue with employment with ITM once their internship hours have been completed. The current internship programs only provide 100 hours of paid employment and we have found that many of our youth would like to continue working with ITM. This latest initiative is a direct request for monetary donations so that we can continue our mentorship, fund our interns for an extended period of time, and support of these motivated youth.

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Funding Futures

One of the most crucial initiatives/programs at ITM is our dynamic youth development program, Funding Futures, which empowers youth through employment, mentorship and a platform for entrepreneurship. Not only does ITM help them hone their talents, but it also gives them a safe space to try out ideas without the fear of rejection. For example, we have created a platform to help youth fundraise for their driver’s training and license. We also support the youth in obtaining trade certifications. As a result, several of them have launched their own businesses or have gone off to college or trade school after their internship and involvement with ITM.

Leaders in the Making

In addition to training and supporting the youth through our internship programs, ITM has recently developed additional programs to supplement our training. In March 2020, ITM launched their Leadership Program, Leaders in the Making, with 22 participants, including 14 youth and 8 mentors. With our leadership program, we invite community leaders to provide information on everything ranging from mental health to taxes to how to buy a car. These workshops are designed based on what our youth request and the program has been a huge success!

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