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The Queer Mercado

The Queer Mercado is a marketplace composed of Queer /  LGBT+ Creators, vendors & artists. We are the first permanent  LGBTQ+ feature in the community that takes place on the 3rd  Saturday of each month. This is a unique space where we uplift,  celebrate and support new business and talent in and around  East Los Angeles through a holistic approach in the marketplace  / vendor community. We intend to create economic  opportunities for Queer / LGBTQ+ community members,  specifically those that traditionally have not been afforded the  opportunities to activate and elevate their brands, art and even  the opportunity to incubate innovative ideas. We are creating a  space that will also engage the local community by  contributing vendor fee profit to the local High school, engage  youth in job training opportunities through In the Making, and  ultimately help create safe environments for LGBTQ+ community  members and ensure they see themselves represented and  celebrated through a supportive and loving community.

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