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Hilda Solis Learning Academy Visit

Today we had a great visit from the Hilda Solis Learning Academy. This is an initiative that has grown from a small idea into several different iterations to lately, a shopping spree held at our location. We were able to provide clothing, school supplies, and food to a select group of students. They were able to come in and shop in our boutique as well as being presented with job opportunities through our partnership with AYE. We are able to provide paid internship programs for youth ages 14-24 to come work with us at ITM and learn valuable work and life skills while having fun at our location. Another valuable partner in this initiative is Shelter Partnership. Their generous support of ITM allows us to continue our mission of serving as a community resource center. They provided shoes, socks and helped create an atmosphere of appreciation. This event used to be held at individual schools, but now we are actually able to bring the students to our shop and it allows us to serve them even better. We care for our youth, they are our future.

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